Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thank You Turkey (Turkiet)

Four months ago, the democratically-elected government of Egypt was overthrown in a violent military coup d'état and key officials arrested. These elected leaders and many family members are still incarcerated in secret military prisons. 

Turkey has criticized the plotters, who seized control of Egyptian state resources, suspended the constitution, and shot dead many hundreds of protestors throughout the country. 

Reboot elections are interminably delayed.

Turkey upholds democracy by refusing to simply accept Egyptian army rule, and they've criticized martial law. Egypt was suspended from the African Union because military overthrow of Egypt's government was unconstitutional, However the USA and assorted other nations back Egypt's military and appointees, who are probably guilty of insurrection, treason & murder.

Thank you Turkey for considering the people's views and speaking out for democracy We need somebody to stand up to illegal militarist overthrow of legitimate governments, (little help from constitutional scholar Barack Obama: please return that Nobel Peace Prize!). There must be consequences to violent sudden raw power grabs. When militarists and their backers control & can cutoff democracy, all freedoms we enjoy, our physical liberty and well-being are held captive.