Tuesday, November 19, 2013

State-Directed Terrorism

Are we to believe German Chancellor Angela Merkel is coordinating terrorism over her cell phone, and that heroic Yank spies are listening & recording only to foil anti-American plots?

Indonesia's President, his wife & staff are also suspected terrorists (Remember: 9/11) -- deserving to be secretly & constantly monitored by American running dogs & spying Aussie lackeys.


And why do we give Israel access to all intelligence? Such spying is the tip of the iceberg. It feeds further espionage and blackmail.

It's a dirty & dangerous system. The public is being suckered by insiders, who operate in darkness to undermine & sabotage a system millions of Americans worked, fought & died for.

Murderous Whitey Bulger & his corrupt Boston FBI friends are filthy drops in a stinking cesspit.