Sunday, January 06, 2019

Dog-Eat-Dog will Eat You

1) Did Trump "drain the Swamp?" -- NO
2) Did Mexico pay for Trump's Wall? -- NO

America please return Trump® & crew to their penthouse lives. We're conned by flim-flam as political Hyenas kill our nation.

Nixon, Sarah Palin, mini-Bush, Pence, Paul Ryan = parasite scavengers; The Clintons, Biden, Pelosi, Barack Obama = parasite scavengers

One American psalm preserves ineffective government: "MY" party's ninny is better than YOUR party's sociopath.

We all lose from binary justification of America's political elite. Most of these people, both Red & Blue, are corrupt servants to militarism & "national security" government. Professional politicos lose an election & then quietly go about gathering money, releasing a soundburp every few months. 

Homeless kids in winter, ill Americans struggling for treatment, dog-eat-dog capitalism feeds off the weakest. Face Fact = You are among the weaker. You're an upcoming meal.