Monday, December 31, 2018

Politicians Shut-Up America

Whether red or blue, Republican or Democrat, typical politicians are ARROGANT -- struggling for prestige, power, predominance, personal profit. Public Trust? ... pawn

It's wrong to Shutdown US Federal services and installations. Republican / Trump ® tax cuts cost many hundred times more than any wall! Politicians now hold citizen health & property for ransom. EXTORTION

This winter America's health is threatened: the FDA is gutted by forced furlough; about 2/3 of Centers for Disease Control workers (CDC) are shutout from work. Even you rich Republicans gamble your lives by taking away health workers and discontinuing scientific projects.

Politicos are entrusted to hold our keys & maintain common property, perhaps worth thousands of times more than any funding struggle. Politicos don't own our public property. Politicos shouldn't gamble our lives. It's an affront: politician's failures shut us out and threaten life.

Unbearable Political Arrogance - should trigger OUTRAGE.
Save Us from Politicos = Our community's true enemies.