Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Save American Brains

The Battle for Net Neutrality is severe. Most of the USA is already a captive audience sewn-up by cable / communications companies charging monopoly prices. Much of America, regrettably, is already a dumbed-down market of deeply frustrated sheeple.

But until now, public access to internet was open.

Imagine if web surfing were only possible with Verizon's permission, or through AOL's homepage, Comcast's interface, or within Yahoo. Manipulative & Terrible!

Don't allow corporate power to control access: to charge extra for those sites they do not recommend. Dear slaves: your masters plan to disallow access to content which doesn't pay them.

Americans are already lame from decades of poor leadership and substandard general education.

Save Net Neutrality!

(descriptive video on this link)