Monday, July 24, 2017

America's Owners: Selecting a Leader

A small set of people control America. They're mostly Republicans, but their defining characteristic is great wealth. Their predominant ideology is protecting their own wealth & power.

These people live wholly different lives from worker people.

Their challenge is to keep the rabble away from their wealth.

They've successfully found & developed a ruling bourgeoisie of minor capitalists and people such as US House Speaker Congressman Paul Ryan, along with other up-and-coming Republicans and hired thugs.

But how to create a leader palatable to America's hungry dumfux masses? 

They chose foolishness.

Look carefully at the last two Republican rulers: George W. Bush and Donald J. Trump.

Each is often pictured as a buffoon. 

But we are the fools ... Under the manipulative greed of America's owners, we are literally fighting for our lives. American criminality runs deep, with many aggressive continuing wars & overseas occupation serving our rulers (not needy foreign masses, and certainly not our soldiers). Don't wait till the shower-room doors close upon you, your family and friends -- you're not scheduled to return from their delousing process.

Firmly & peacefully resist their lies. NOW