Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hawaiian Decolonization

American barons managing extractive industries spend heavily to justify their "rights" to natural resources, often located on lands stolen from native peoples.  Seeking to infiltrate and stifle native rights efforts, their huge wealth buys the services of so-called "free-enterprise" institutes, mercenary commentators, and for-hire puppets. I believe Keli'i Akina in Hawai'i is one such toady. The Native Hawaiian community has rights to stolen land -- these are not entitlements granted by aggressive American government. Treaties and international law are being violated. Carpetbagger Americans (especially military) must stop plundering our inherited assets.  

America's rich people carefully protect their own inheritance, but collude to dispossess indigenous people of inherited lands. Failing to consult with indigenous communities on development projects is aggressive colonialism and endangers the natural environment.

What can be done?

Evaluate opposition (Recognize that earth-moving equipment, unscrupulous speculators, the US prison system, for example, are not gentle)

Organize support (Decolonization struggles unite indigenous peoples; our peaceful quest for justice & local community survival can mobilize & unite worldwide support systems)

Fight cheerfully (After great individual effort, invader's boot still crushing your throat? Find strength in our bountiful environment & continue peaceful engagement -- Always remember we natives are forces of nature)