Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Mon sta

You've seen it in the movies so many times: the Creature, hungry for blood & human meat. The lady runs, but trips... then clumsily clenches her shoe to recover dropped cosmetics while the misshapen fiend grows terribly near.

Billionaire Boy Trump is more dangerous than Ms.Hillary. He is ruthless. He hungers for pussy, and he wants more wealth & power.

The rich woman is no saint - she's an eager tool of big banking & finance, and a savvy manipulator. She'll work harder for Israel than for small-town America. She'll struggle to hold together our expensive overseas empire & "security state" homeland... She probably cannot reverse US federal disintegration.

Each tells lies... dark & dirty.

But the monster & mob of demonic republicans are far worse.
Don't imagine a small head start is enough. Break his legs, cut off his feet. Vote him dead. Reconfirm the monster is finished. His contempt for humans is legendary. His contribution crummy, tiny, unmeasurable. Don't allow him to rise again.