Monday, November 07, 2016

Bernie's Argument Copied by Trump

Trump can pay for top speechwriters.
"Tell people what they want to hear."

But we know TRUMP's® a dude who ONLY helps himself.
Trump ain't gonna "start helping You & your family"
He's a fat rich weasel who cares nothing for anyone.

Desperation reveals a flash of honesty, BUT
Republican fat cats will never deliver community-focused progress.
They are the rich political establishment.
They are the bosses.
Republicans profit by grinding your family as fertilizer.
Market forces operate on your labor.
Rich Republicans skim-off the Good Life.
...Their system leaves you shit and pain.
Your servitude makes their livelihood.
Billionaire boy does NOT feel your pain.

After subtracting false promises,
and in "an approved message"  (link)
which (sad & tragic) always will be true,
this rhetoric reflects America's needs: