Friday, November 11, 2016

Arrogance Sunk Democrats

Too early to say how the Trump presidency might progress, but it was a close race the Democrats handled badly.

Clinton's Vice President choice of Tim Kaine was arrogant. Nice lawyer bloke, but not a choice to invigorate the young, anti-establishment, or poor. Hillary's camp decided they needn't offer much to progressives, offering only vague promises to the many people who'd come out for Bernie Sanders. Major Error.

In hindsight, Clinton should have selected Michael Moore as her running mate. He'd have delivered Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and added substantially to Democrat totals elsewhere. We could be watching Moore struggle with his grooming & weight, instead of experiencing Trump flim-flam & America's liquidation.

Naomi Klein, typically a great analyst, says "the force most responsible for creating the nightmare in which we now find ourselves wide awake (is) neoliberalism." She goes on to criticize "the rise of the Davos class" ...

What's kinda funny is that many Trump voters (probably most of them) have no idea of what Davos signifies. They instinctively know "something stinks!" Nor was this election failure solely the fault of the Clintons either. Obama's eight years should have been sufficient for delivering a more unified nation, but he chose too much "same-old, same-old"... Obama's first announced appointment in 2008 was a big disappointment: Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff. Political insiders riddle both major parties, and extremists populate the security agencies, like vermin in the corn meal. It's not a question of race or religion, but rather the need to propound a unifying vision where people feel they are participating. Perhaps the new administration can clean house ... but probably not.