Friday, August 21, 2015

Military Industry USA

America embraces threat & use of force as means of settling international disputes. The results have been poor.

Have we only been arrogant & meddling? Or are we more deeply dangerous?

US overseas operations only serve citizen interests as we feel tough & stronger hearing military stories of USA kicking foreign butt -- we're individually poor & powerless.

America's happiest soldiers are home in the USA. Those deployed serve and risk, but is their sacrificing essential? Politicians and US industry sent more than 2.7 million Americans to serve in Vietnam; many didn't return.  For what? Why? 

The same politicos put our military forces under threat today, in a tragic system supporting the ruthless arms dealing industry. Direct costs of US overseas forces are huge and unbearable, with inevitable blowback when poorly-chosen targets fight back, long-term care for injuries, the costs of refugees, etc.

Stop being suckered.   Say No to Militarism.

Let's invest in more peaceful solutions...