Friday, January 30, 2015


Our societies suffer when controlled by:
Social Darwinists

These riffraff claim to work for the common good. But their militarism gambles with our lives. They spend our public funds and resources for their pet projects. They've captured our governments, creating demand for their own products. They use our own money to corrupt & subvert. They destabilize nations, sell guns & weapon systems around unbalanced regions, and take home fat profits. They've contempt & hatred for almost everyone. They threaten our humble homes, while they themselves live in palaces.

Their systems are not business exchange - instead it's mugging or extortion. We're forced to pay them, for little positive in return. Their servants, not properly paid, turn on master, spilling official secrets; so their 'dog-eat-dog world' is unsustainable.

The hell they forced on us will not be missed.