Friday, August 22, 2014

White House Deception

We're often deliberately fed half-truths and lies to deceive us. Remember the dramatic White House photo used to illustrate the killing of Bin Laden?


Pete Souza's photo remains incorrectly labeled (in Aug. 2014), after being reproduced dramatically around the world & criticized as posed. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looks especially tense, providing the "emotionally resonant punctum" (New York Times). Some of the flim-flam later unraveled. (Clinton claimed she was stifling an allergic cough). We may never know what all are actually watching...

What can we believe? Not much. A struggling American journalist is cruelly murdered in Syria? Does it justify the USA beginning a new war in Iraq? Did militarist spinmeisters believe a dramatic event would grease their operations? Ongoing contact with the captors now report (link) the murderers sought ransom money. And a failed rescue attempted last month killed people near where the captives had been held. Who could ever imagine what such crazies would do if double-dared & insulted: "You don't dare kill an American! Fucking pansies! Candy-ass camel jockeys!"  Ooops - say our militarists.
Who profits now?