Sunday, August 24, 2014

Renegotiated Union

What will happen when USA states begin seriously considering costs & benefits of union? Many local regions might do a better job with education, criminality, health care, immigration, defense, economics, etc. than Congress can capably provide, even when not deadlocked. Is the only choice to accept US Federal mandates?

Might states, regions, or sub-regions renegotiate their membership in the federal union?

The Federal budget is unaffordable.

The US central government gave private industry insiders huge monies via the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. Not all lawmakers supported those "bailouts" + subsidies. The economy still has not recovered (not surprising - those who caused the crisis kept their jobs through the bailout).

Obama's government has done little to change a foul rot in Washington. Global empire bankrupted and targeted America.

There are dozens (or hundreds, or millions) of reasons people might wish to renegotiate the US federal union. Best consider arguments now for a revised USA. California may divide into six states (ballot initiative upcoming). Others seek to secede completely from the USA (see link to petitions throughout the nation). No doubt our overweight nation needs better care - many stars now shine dimly, or are partly obscured.