Sunday, May 04, 2014

Goodbye Internet?

The FCC is presently under the control of Tom Wheeler, a former industry lobbyist. Wheeler's trying to eviscerate & destroy the concept of net neutrality in the USA, hoping to allow content discrimination and censorship by broadband service providers.

These corporations are already ominously powerful. In many regions of the USA, a single company has monopoly provider position. They enjoy protected profits, with privileged access to government.

Already, former FCC chairman Michael Powell serves industry as President & CEO of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (one of Wheeler's old lobbying posts). When Wheeler was to be appointed FCC Chairman, a key industry insider noted (link) "Wheeler undoubtedly will have a light regulatory touch in all matters" -- and that forecast has been all too true. Wheeler's reportedly a nice person in a difficult position. Could anyone expect him to strongly resist Washington's wholly-legal revolving door between lobbyists and policy makers? Thus far his services to industry greatly outweigh any effort at public service.

If corporations dictate what information you can receive, your choices will be far fewer. Allowing businesses & politicians to mess with content is a huge mistake. The internet is a public utility that should not be controlled by political parties or corporations. Surely you'll not be allowed to read non-profit low budget output such as this blog. You can be certain griwdhndn47//#v