Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The Vietnam Butchery

No Americans have been legally punished for waging an aggressive war in Vietnam. (No Frenchies either...). The USA invaded a small, rural, largely pre-industrial region and burnt it, smashed it, murdered ...

We left over 500,000 dead. The Vietnam Butchery was responsible for some two million casualties overall in terms of dead & wounded. Many more, tens of millions home & away, were otherwise scarred and brutalized. To what benefit?

We make vile conflict noble if poorly-camouflaged butchery is labeled war.

Who shipped American grunts to the mud of Asia? Most of the worst American butchers died in soft beds, mourned as planner statesmen & fine leaders. A few mangy individuals survive (such as Rumsfeld & Cheney), but they'll soon join their Dark Lord - withered debris pruned by nature.

We who inherit unpaid bills of aggrandizement recognize & apologize for the Vietnam Butchery.
Sadly, aggressive militarism continues.