Thursday, May 23, 2013

Nuclear Hell? Sorry

Cape Downwinders is an organization on Cape Cod, Massachusetts (USA) working to educate a trusting local population they may be in mortal danger in a nuclear accident -- trapped and exposed to deadly radiation.

As of today, 14 towns have endorsed a shutdown of the aging Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth. I believe the risks of accident are unacceptably high.

Corporate officials from New Orleans-based Entergy Corp. claim the 41-year old nuclear plant is safe, although it shares many design features and exposure weaknesses with the Fukushima nuclear plant - also "perfectly safe."

Entergy should not be allowed to operate as a limited liability corporation. Entergy's owners (board and shareholders) should be liable for all future damages, including threat of garnishing personal property and retroactive wages.

Entergy businesspeople will simply walk away if the Pilgrim plant suffers a meltdown.TEPCO corporate officials at Fukushima have already demonstrated: -- Big Capital gets away with any outrage.