Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lay Away

In the USA, money buys justice.

I do not understand why convicted fraudster Kenneth Lay (former Chairman & CEO of Enron Corporation and former U.S. Interior Dept. Undersecretary for Energy Issues), could have his criminal indictment, trial & conviction "abated" (erased) due to death while vacationing. The trial was completed. The dude was found guilty. How can that just be erased without any proper appeal taking place and overturning the courtroom conviction?

This stinks. Having the U.S. President as a good buddy probably helps, but this seems a systemic problem rather than favoritism to one individual.

Except maybe "Kenny boy" Lay didn't truly die. He was only 64 years old. Maybe the weasel will be at Eurovision next weekend. He can afford front row seats, but look in row 12 (he'll strive to be inconspicuous).