Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Greasy Corruption

Big oil industry interests in the USA continue poisoning the air against wind power.

Wind energy generation is a wonderful new industry thriving in Europe. There are a great many clever researchers and engineers, hundreds of manufacturers, thousands of employees in fabrication and construction. But in the USA, shadowy scumbags seduce lawmakers who raise repeated obstacles to this and other alternative energy sources.

We all know the high cost of cleanup when oil spills, we recognize the poison by-products of air pollution, the deaths generated by forcing a route to Middle East resource access.

Those costs are truly part of our overall costs of gasoline, electricity & heating oil. Clever corporations have manipulated us into paying for their infrastructure. Joe Public foots the bill, they suck away profits. And now they try to stifle cleaner alternative energy industries as competitors.

We are spooked by terrorists. But it's said "nobody wants to be a terrorist" - they'd prefer to be back home watching goats on the family farm. But now there is no farm, no home. It was all lost to crony capitalism - as some fat sheik linked to Big Oil introduced foreign warships and army bases in order to keep control and extract oil wealth.

Wind farms, solar & geothermal energy generation can be far quieter and preferable to grease power.

Big Oil should pay themselves for political adventurism in Iraq & Libya. We should halt all public funds flows to the rich nations of the Middle East. Recognize the greasy hand too often picks your pocket -- and just say no.