Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why We Fight

Why is America at War?

I remember during the Vietnam war, we were told Communism threatened America via Vietnam, and without our support & sacrifice that Southeast Asian nations would fall to the red scourge like dominoes. More than 100,000 American parents suffered their child killed in Vietnam. How many doubt their sacrifice was essential?

Many who waged war feel misguided. Many who lost loved ones in war feel abused.

We fight because we choose to.

Our military is cheered onward by global defense contractors. Our deployment is directed by businessmen positioned to exploit vanquished lands & new markets. We've setup corrupt scum overseas as "leaders" while raping their populations. We need to withdraw our troops, stop the carnage, and spend our resources at home. Bankrupt leaders won't voluntarily change direction - they've killed too many and wasted too much.