Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Avoid Qatar Airways

I recently made the bad decision to fly with Qatar Airways, attracted to their promise of "5 Star" Service -- but service on Qatar Airways is 5 on a scale of 15.  Frankly, they sucked.

There were assorted shortcomings, but a key problem stemmed from a breakdown in their electrical system; I had to sit in the dark for my eight hour forty minute flight (8hr 40min). This was a business trip, and I'd planned to read & work, which was impossible. Worse, the flight crew could not assist, seemed unconcerned, and subsequent email to corporate complaints were shunted or belittled. (I was told they'd try to make sure the equipment worked on my return).

But what causes such an electrical fault? (My bank of seats and that in front of me were inoperable). Perhaps a rat inside the plane is gnawing at the equipment - next to go will be hydraulics and key avionics... Is this a major safety issue? The staff & service personnel of Qatar Airways seem not to care.

Add to this Doha Airport is one of the world's ugliest. The long bus ride from aircraft to terminal drives along a fortified perimeter fence. Welcome to Doha prison camp! We're finally released to a boxy crowded transit terminal with no character other than being noisy, disordered and unfriendly.

Qatar Airways offers 2 Star Service, 3 Star Marketing
Avoid !