Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Our Unknown World

It is worthwhile to think about & appraise how much in our world we do not understand. Those with great hubris might imagine almost all is known. The more realistic will acknowledge that many systems and processes are still poorly understood, or almost wholly unrecognized. Curious scientists, trained to recognize anomaly, seek regularly to refocus their perspectives. We re-explain to a better fit reality.

Perhaps we actually understand just a small percentage of that happening around us. We create hypotheses and stories, but are largely blind.

This scenario better explains mass foolishness. And deliberate mis-education to perpetuate mass bewilderment. Ignoring a few key processes can result in virtual enslavement. Many enter a world with no right to rest peacefully - from the instant of conception starts a struggle to exist in a world "owned" by others. Immersed in Social Darwinist survival strategies, we eke out life. Personal well-being requires addressing a few central elements, including health care, freedom of communications, equal opportunity vs. the social impact of inheritance & privilege, investment in community, etc.

This explains how exploitation can exist in a systematic way. We're delivered at birth into a world of institutionalized criminality - many accept it, some exploit it; a few will always fight it.