Friday, April 01, 2011

The Swedish Poodle Goes to War

In Stockholm today, our Swedish Riksdag debates collaborating in Libya's war. The intervention plans are costly & wrong.

Colonial powers have already discarded the rationale of protecting civilians through a "no fly zone" -- mission creep has morphed operations toward arming militant factions, regime change, erosion of sovereignty, and imposing imperialist controls making Libya a colony again.

Intervention can quickly bite us in the ass -- why create dangerous enemies? Where's analysis of potential blowback? Such costs must be considered. We don't fight for Libyan freedom or dignity. Rather, we want part of the looting, and our Swedish arms exporters are itching to show-off their weaponry...

We obey the USA like a pet.

Give a sweet goodie to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.
Such a well-trained little fellow!

Foreign Minister Carl Bildt is on display too!