Saturday, April 09, 2011

Rah Rah Robbery

Rah rah rip-off.
The USA is waging war in Afghanistan (& Pakistan), the Middle East (Iraq), and in Libya (North Africa).

The people of the USA cannot afford these wars. The USA as a Warfare State cripples home communities. Americans are cheating ourselves.

Our world-encircling military bases network is now horribly toxic. Most host nation people want us gone. Warfare sucks. And we do it Industrial-scale.

What greatly surprises me is the collective amnesia of people age 50 & over, who were thumped with the dark specter of dangerous Vee Yet Nam (rhyming w/ ham and spam). Millions of lives were damaged & destroyed by the U.S. war machine (subordinate allies share blame). Those who waged horrible war escaped being tried & convicted of their crimes. The world should look back at that darkness with horror & dismay; the war's planners should be despised worldwide. But there was no accountability. Too many Americans (if they look back at all) simply think: