Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Me Me as Meme

Where's this place?
From a biting article (link) full of clever phrases, a few excerpts:

+   "aggressive superficiality"
+   "Viagra Capitalism"
+   "proto-fascist"
+   a thinning empire ruled by "two wings of The Money Party"
+   "disparity between facade & content"
+   a "corporate order of Botox Politics"

"Republican Party strategists game the ... bigots of their political base by raising the fearsome specters of child-recruiting gay pedophiles, in alliance with Islamic Caliphate plotters, all of whom, at the behest of dirty hippie socialists, have designs to redistribute their lawn furniture, outdoor grilling equipment, and pool toys to dark and dusky sorts."

Phil Rockstroh writes of a land where Donald Trump gives national problems the comb-over treatment.