Friday, September 26, 2008

To Market To Market

--- by Genki

To Market To Market
They chant to the Earth
They'd persist with their chant
But it hurts their net worth

Now they ask for a bailout
(Well in fact, they demand !)
Else destruction is promised
We could never withstand

They've demanded grand fortunes
They'll distribute to chums
While my town and our schools
Are transformed into slums

Section 8 of their wishlist
Bans all legal review
Other agencies' oversight
Would be off-limits too

"To maximize shareholder value..."
Our Republic now shoulders the cost
But profit is private & sacrosanct
To hesitate is to be lost

Our elected officials are cozy
On the great wealth of Wall Street they fawn
They told us the future was rosy
As they slyly deliver the con

The rats scramble up on the gravy train
Some foreign weasels ride too
A feeding frenzy – don’t complain
Big capital’s snafu

When Leaders are Looters...
My God who'd we elect?
When my own bills come due
They'll contrive to collect

Just call me a donkey
An innocent fool
Social Darwinist garbage
Misdirected misrule

It seems dumb I should subsidize
Those So Wrong & So Rich
Yet I'm urged to obey...
Golly - "Ain't life a bitch!"