Monday, September 22, 2008

Double Whammy !

Speculation & lies have driven US finance firms to the brink of disaster. The "financial leaders" and "statesmen" who forced us into the morass are now begging for bailout by common working citizens.

What are these losers (most still in their high-paying jobs) now doing while Bush talks of a bailout costing $800 billion (don't trust low-figure Bush arithmetic)...

The financiers certainly now are doing what they do best -- jigging the system. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley decide to change their legal status and become commercial banks -- the regulators accept their proposal the same day (21 Sept 2008); on a Sunday no less!

Be sure that the weasels are positioning their businesses and themselves personally to gorge maximally from the carnage they devised. Bailout costs are already rising; of course nobody wants to pay, now or ever. We must require any firm accepting public funds to purge all top management and make such failed managers liable to disgorge salaries and benefits already taken.

The big loser = the average mensch. It just ain't right!