Friday, September 26, 2008

Fixed Markets, Dirty Insiders

Wall Street spin-meister scum tell lapdog reporters the monster bailout is good for us. Few believe the tall tales; many people are tired of being lied to; most understand America is being looted by the privileged few.

We await a vocal political leader who'll speak strongly against subsidizing big business. Sadly, too many politicians are cozy with the big money players.

The world won't end without this bailout. Why demand prior immunity? -- because this flimflam will unravel. Financial wizards fashioned this crisis; they should lose their jobs, and disgorge accumulated ill-gotten wealth. Hasty decisionmaking rewards the worst people. The Bush government's failed regulatory policies and regressive tax system are also hugely to blame. It's time for change.

Make noise!

Keep government from mortgaging our future to the already rich.