Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Retroactive Olympic Ban for US War Crimes?

I'm NOT in favor of Olympic boycott or to ban past athletes.

Spitz, Al Oerter, Dick Fosbury, Bob Beamon, Frank Shorter, Peggy Fleming and other US athletes weren't responsible for US crimes in Vietnam. Dangerous, violent or corrupt governments are everywhere.


Sunday, February 12, 2023

Implant Patriotism in US colonies

Boarding schools for indigenous kids & after-school activities such as scouts were too often designed to manipulate & indoctrinate children. The training process was often fun -- all the more disturbing.

Children were corrupted "during their receptive years"...

The explicit "Americanization" strategy below was operating in 1922, almost 30 years after the American military triggered illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii "with the active participation of agents and citizens of the United States" (US Public Law 103-150). Subversion by the colonizer.

Thursday, February 09, 2023

Zelenskyy -- "The War Monger"

Should Olympic competition ban athletes from belligerent nations? Europeans have been murderous colonizers - how long should they be punished? The Vietnam War was widely condemned - should dirty wars stop US Olympians? What of UK fight for distant Falkland colony / Malvinas, or the murderous Troubles in Ireland? Make time for truce. 

The Ukraine is pressing the Olympic movement to ban Russian & Belarus athletes or face boycott.

Media is shaping decisions! Wars are not new. Olympic truce promotes peace.

Sport & art are ways talent can blossom, potentially providing a path for emigration (defection). It's wrong to punish all people born under a violent government.

Friday, January 13, 2023

Salvage YOUR Skype Credit

Skype and Microsoft are somehow allowed to hide your "inactive" funds from you. They make it difficult to salvage & retrieve your hard-earned money after 180 days of non-use; it's burdensome to learn how much Skype Credit you had (have). They claim reactivation is easy. 

They are scum. For me it was not at all easy to see or retrieve my inactivated balance. Remember: this is a huge global software firm - but their Skype interface is confusing. I believe they make your Skype Credit reactivation deliberately difficult.

The simplest way to reactivate your Skype Credit is go to:


Login, and reactivate your money. It's easy to check again anytime and make sure your funds are active. That is easy. But if you are reading this, you've probably been frustrated by their suggested steps.

Why do Microsoft & Skype make this difficult? Please Don't Mistakenly Pay to buy more Skype Credit when the corporation holds your inactivated funds. These companies have hundreds of millions of customers. How much money has Skype and Microsoft "inactivated" which is unretrieved? Is this a type of embezzlement? I'm willing to start or participate in a class-action lawsuit to force Skype and Microsoft to be more transparent: they should be encouraged to modify their (shady &) badly-designed operations. 

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Global Dirty Bootprint

The US Military's environmental destruction harms EVERYONE.
World's biggest polluter at home & overseas! 
Dishonorable Discharge 

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Broken Rules

England is drooping. India defeated the English women's cricket team for a third-straight one-day international whitewash, and the English whinged at the final play, a mankad dismissal or non-bowler run-out (essentially a baseball pick-off, where the runner is caught leading by too much). Legitimate & within the rules, why is it controversial? The BBC quotes "I can't tell you what ill feeling this is going to create" - discounting centuries of pro-colonial propaganda, racism & discord.



Saturday, September 24, 2022

Visiting Hawai'i? Hawaiian PUNCH

Hawaiians today will not grovel to threats of biblical damnation, and all condemn deceitful leadership in Yankee's toxic military. Life is Tough; colonial parasites beware! 

Local needs ignored. Parasites from elsewhere been getting fat on kanaka...


Let's serve each incoming visitor with the same care we gave Capt. Cook 

Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Pissin' in the Wind

Since the military poisoned Hawai'i's water (Red Hill), more people notice basic disrespect. Many remember the US Army soldier trespassing on Kilauea's rim who slipped over the edge (Wed May 1st 2019 about 18:30). After a costly rescue, his name remains unknown... Why no ACCOUNTABILITY? Was he showing-off to his GI buddies by urinating over the edge?  🚽🚫

Sweden's Liberals Become Dangerous

Sweden's former PM Stefan Löfven & former Liberal Party party leader Bengt Westerberg claim the ultra-right Sweden Democrats are a danger to democracy: "SD plans for restrictions on the freedom of public service media, depicting journalists as enemies of society, demands for party-political branding of journalists, reduction in press support, reduced support for student unions, calls to cut billions from the budget for public culture, removal of all books in foreign languages ​​from libraries, prohibition of pride flags in public, discrimination against non-Swedish citizens, and questioning of diversity in multiple ways." (DN Debatt 4 Sept; translation by The Local) 

"Begränsningar i public services rörelsefrihet, utpekande av journalister som samhällets fiender, krav på partipolitisk stämpling av journalister, neddragning av presstödet, minskat stöd till studieförbunden, nedskärningar med miljardbelopp i de offentliga kulturbudgeterna, borttagande av alla böcker på främmande språk från biblioteken, förbud mot prideflaggor i offentlig regi, diskriminering av icke svenska medborgare, ifrågasättande av mångfalden i olika avseenden." 

I guess ultra-right volk without swastika tattoos are maybe most dangerous.

Because the ultra-right is teaming with the Liberal Party, former leader Bengt Westerberg now refuses to vote Liberal. 


Friday, September 02, 2022

Will Bunch - "After the Ivory Tower Falls"

Student loan forgiveness is a hot topic this month, and many right-wing Americans are now preaching about irresponsibility, facing consequences, and a supposed crippling cost to partially bailing-out student loans.

But this expenditure is one of many policy choices that might bust America. Corporate giveaways, militarism, and taxing the wealthy are others.

"After the Ivory Tower Falls" by Will Bunch is timely & terrific. It's hugely important each American looks inward to their own anger, fears, and hopes of college. We've been indoctrinated. We all -- university grads, deplorables, and those in-between -- dance as if to a military marching tune. Still reading ...

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Are Blonde Ukrainian Children Misled?

Britain's BBC reports:  History is rewritten for children in occupied Ukraine

One response:  

For centuries, Anglo-American Aryan hypocrites whitewashed & sculpted history. In truth, Jesus was a dark Jew; Columbus & Capt. Cook forcibly brutalized complex societies (claims of "new land discovery" seek to whitewash theft & genocide). Rewritten history & imperialism entangle us all.

Friday, August 26, 2022