Thursday, August 05, 2021

Olympic PEACE

Enjoying Tokyo's excellent Olympics 2020? Don't forget the 1980 Summer Olympic boycott. 

When the Soviet Union intervened in Afghanistan, US President Jimmy Carter aimed punishment with athletes & sport as his weapon; sports careers were sacrificed to Yankee Arrogance. (The USA later intervened in Afghanistan, only now completely retreating). At time of boycott, US troops had unreasonably battled in Vietnam & Southeast Asia through the previous two decades, with past centuries murdering North American natives (genocide). Uncle Sam is among historic war criminals, while the Olympic movement is a positive force for PEACE
Jimmy Carter, Asswipe!
Each of the 458 athletes on the 1980 US Summer Olympic team got medals as boycotting team members. But they weren't entered for competition, skipped the Games, and didn't take the Athlete's Oath, so aren't Olympians according to the global Olympic movement & IOC (International Olympic Committee). 

American star sportspeople, and the Olympic ideal, were beaten by an American peanut farmer. Carter Squashed Peace, he's a bum beyond rehabilitation (as is the treacherous liar Colin Powell).
US govt. institutional capture by military interests has diminished, but still gobbles twice what it should. Bring US troops home to North America!