Monday, August 09, 2021

Continuing War : The Native Enemies

People in the USA actively participate in theft & genocide as they denigrate First Nation people. It's systematic aggression more sinister than name-calling. 

Justifiably or not, (I think not), the USA took extensive lands & properties from the native nations, and sought to exterminate the native communities. 

The official label of "savages" was used to dehumanize. Children are taught America was discovered in 1492. Deceived people were forced to accept false treaties, then repeatedly forced to ineffectively defend themselves; now they are coldly mocked. 

Genocide is difficult to justify, and natives remain a vague menace; subsequent generations are taught to uncritically accept the homicidal demise and forced displacement of native communities as a fait accompli

Full reparations & proper punishments are impossible, but very substantial compensation is achievable & vital.