Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Y is Still YELLOW

Racism is not fun. Ignoring racist symbols allows their survival. It's absurd in 2021 in the USA an "Oriental" race is still officially labeled "Y" -- Please Work to Uproot Racism


Y   Not  


TRUE & SAD.  Early 1980s, a restaurant in Urawa, Japan: a nearby Japanese guy starts complaining of American racism; he'd been a student at the University of Southern Mississippi. He showed us his State of Mississippi Driver's License, displaying Race = Y. He said: "I complained to the officer - he said Y was for 'Yellow' - So I held up something yellow next to my skin - I was mad. The officer brushed me away: 'Boy, you're Japanese. You are Yellow.'"

40 years later: Mississippi licenses now don't show Race. But application & collected data still include Race... [in 2021]  Rule 2.6 Instructions for Completing the Application for Mississippi Driver License or Temporary Permit - Form DL-4    Source: Miss. Code Ann. § 45-1-3

4. Race - Use the following abbreviations:

W- White  B- Black  Y- Oriental  I- Indian  O- Other