Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Epstein Blackmail

Jeff Epstein had a dark & sordid background, and it appears Ghislaine Maxwell was intimately involved over many years. In his past conviction while alive, it was proven Epstein was a sexual criminal & scumball, yet he largely escaped serious penalty. 


Important questions around Jeffrey Epstein relate to money & power. Who bankrolled him and why? Who funded the sex island and his aircraft? How could he continue for so long? How much did Trump, Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, Alexander Acosta, and Prince Andrew know about Jeffrey Epstein? How did Epstein become a member of the Council on Foreign Relations & The Trilateral Commission (which have no young girls) -- WHY was college-dropout Epstein active in such power-focused circles? It's a deep conspiracy!


Was blackmail a component of Jeffrey Epstein's well-placed circles of prestigious 'friends' ... and if so, is there evidence? Basically, it appears Epstein suicided. Now his former bosom buddy is on public trial but truly important questions somehow remain both unasked & unanswered.  


Surely many people in the social circles of Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell shared no sexual misadventures with either of them. Of course, many Epstein relationships had no blackmail component. Certainly. But then why is the topic strangely off-limits? Maybe Epstein collected blackmail; maybe Epstein was forced to pay blackmail. Maybe the blackmail secured favors other than sex or money for powers behind the scenes. Will Justice tell us?


Jeffrey Epstein: International Moneyman of Mystery  (by Landon Thomas Jr. in New York Magazine, 28 Oct 2002)

"He's a Lot of Fun to Be With": Inside Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump's Epic Bromance  (by Craig Unger in Vanity Fair, 21 Jan 2021)