Sunday, July 08, 2018

Republican Outrage

I don't like Trump, I don't like Hillary Clinton.

Especially I don't like George W. "Baby Bush"...

His smirking face is completely repulsive. But worse, Republican Party high crimes surrounding Bush were plain to see -- long before the "smash & grab" of Trump and associates.

Republican strategy during the 2004 Bush - Kerry election contest showed cruel cynicism, rudely dismissing American patriots and sacrifices.

During the Vietnam War, George W. Bush served domestically in the Texas National Guard with some distinction. He was criticized for prolonged absences. Bush family political leverage kept him from harm.

John Kerry, (who's not terribly likable either), went to Vietnam as a US Naval officer. Kerry was deployed in combat areas, his unit attracted enemy fire, he was wounded, he was decorated for heroism.

Bush, comparatively, was a snot-nosed silver-spoon trust fund baby.

So Republican strategist schemed to tear-down their opponent. Kerry's military record was questioned, and his decorations for VALOR were deliberately tarnished (links here & here).

Sullying American military service records for temporary political gain is unacceptable. Many of my friends & relatives honorably served in America's military, including my brother, father, and grandfather. Scheming politicos belittling servicemember's risks and sacrifices is wrong, outrageous, and deeply offensive.

America's Republicans have NO honor.

Today's Trump Republicans and Murdoch media loudly claim the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has strong political bias. Americans grow more insecure as the President and his underlings cultivate widening institutional distrust.