Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Withdrawal Method May Fizzle

The UK government under Theresa May seeks to favourably re-position the nation by withdrawing from the European Union.

Some segments of the populace may indeed benefit. But many others will suffer grievously.

Can Britain setup as a wholly independent player in a world where teamwork offers the many benefits of lower transaction costs and economies-of-scale? Much alarm has been generated by xenophobia - but surely the UK has much more to offer than deliberately painting itself out of a diseased world.

Decent people should be worried by Theresa May & Boris Johnson manipulations, and especially spiritual leader Nigel Farage and his UK Independence Party. The Theresa May government's use of half-truths is shocking. Sudden pie-in-the-sky assurances and gross dishonesty may keep them in office for more weeks, but the nation and even the world are put at risk by their deceits.

After months of vague & secretive backroom bunco, PM May's sudden explicit assurances are so much hot air aimed to save her job -- wholly unreliable. This historic process needs attention far beyond partisan politics or the conceit of a handful of individuals.

Mr & Mrs Anglican, please confirm from any Roman Catholic older & wiser: forget WITHDRAWAL -- it's both unfulfilling & unsafe.