Saturday, December 02, 2017

Cape Wind Greased

The Cape Cod Times reports the end of Cape Wind offshore renewable energy project. They quote Director of Public Policy Jack Clarke from the Massachusetts Audubon Society (which supported the project) "Over 50 lawsuits were filed by opponents, led by Bill Koch" - the Osterville property owner and primary financial backer of the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound (link)

The New York Times identifies Koch as "a billionaire industrialist who made his fortune in fossil fuels."

Greenpeace is considerably less kind, labeling the Koch fortune "dirty money" (link to .pdf report)

Could Koch influence the many other people such as fishermen or the local Native American tribe who came to believe Cape Wind was problematic?


How many of these people want to breathe coal smoke everyday? How many wish Cape Cod beaches were covered by the ooze of an oil spill, or hope to completely lose their homes & communities to rising seas or horror storms from global warming?  Not a single person wants such suffering from any Koch industries.