Tuesday, October 10, 2017

FAQ Columbus

FAQ Columbus       by Genki

Columbus sailed the ocean blue
The trip brought pain & insult too.

They labeled each non-Christian "savage"
Deceit permitted, homes to ravage

Resources stolen, corruptly "borrowed"
Aggressive theft & murder followed.

Intruders curse our native cultures
Condoned indifference, unclean vultures

As parasites they multiply
Still occupy and terrify

Let's push Accountability
Break silence of conspiracy

Discover crimes Columbus triggered!
And where the Founding Fathers figured

Resolving violence from those vermin
Recalls a reconciliation sermon

Resist extractive financiers!
Who'd sell our skin for souvenirs.

We're taught perverted history
"The New World" -- prior, mystery.

Communities which now rebounded
Can't celebrate the mess he founded

The victims still seek crime review
Since fourteen hundred ninety-two.