Saturday, October 21, 2017

Dimwit Brexit

Dimwit Brexit    by Genki

Hail Britannia!
Imperial whore
"The bitch who will go it alone."
Enjoy strutting away
From the dull Eurozone
Gobbling bangers & chips with a scone.

Hail Britannia!
So cloudy & grey
Independently wealthy maybe?
But our leaders are dolts
Boris acts like a baby
Distinguished by rank snobbery.

Hail Britannia!
Diana has gone
The wisest still laugh at themselves.
Still the man in the street
Keeps his master's conceit
As our countryfolk boot out all elves.

Hail Britannia!
Many options erased.
Now we choose life in Grimsby or Leeds
For A Place in the Sun
Watch a telly re-run
Let us pray isolation succeeds!