Saturday, August 12, 2017

Yankee Lies

The present antagonism with North Korea DPRK is largely generated by the USA, representing munitions & weapons industries.

For the past 60 years, the USA has interfered and invaded dozens of nations around the world. The North Koreans have stayed on their own peninsula.

Provocation is triggered by US-led military "exercises" along the Demilitarized Zone with North Korea. In recent months, American deployment of THAAD armaments in US-occupied South Korea has alarmed China (PRC) and Russia.

Japan also has much at stake if there is war from Korea. Japan is mortified by how they might cope with millions of warfare refugees. More worrying, a direct attack on long-term rival Japan might be somewhat celebrated by all Koreans -- especially if the wind's blowing east.

How are we to believe Guam is being targeted? Claiming "only" Guam's at risk is ridiculous... Have we suddenly gained perfect intelligence about North Korea's strategic plans? Or is this media barrage bullshit designed to confuse & scare our own people?

It's ludicrous to target far-away (3300km) Guam when sigint / military bases are much closer at Wakkanai & Kawakita (Hokkaido) or Yokosuka as well as throughout both Japan and South Korea. North Korea can cripple Seoul with a nuclear device fired directly over the horizon and timed to explode over the city. Low apogee = indefensible.

Remember the Iraqi nuclear tubes US Sec. of State Colin Powell vowed were a clear threat to American life? We've been down this path of lies before...

Imperialism is globally unpopular - but America persists. The USA suffered huge intervention costs following the French into Vietnam. After the Soviet Union's defeat in Afghanistan, we've wasted a fortune there and our continuing destruction helps the worst elements. America's blunders with war in Iraq cost huge numbers of lives and a trillion dollars. Washington DC politicos are directly responsible for violence, injury & impoverishment in uncountable towns & homes. This is not imaginary -- America's idiotic leaders have saddled our communities with debt, and our aggression's resented everywhere.

America's leaders propagate WAR