Monday, April 10, 2017

Shame of Japan

There's no question ultra-right wing Moritomo Gakuen received special favors and valuable land almost free with help from the Japanese Finance Ministry & Osaka Prefectural Government.

A land plot sized 9492 m2 in Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture was sold by the central government to Toyonaka Municipality in 2010 for ¥1423 million.

Moritomo wanted the adjacent 8770 m2 valued at ¥956 million.
And it was offered to them for just ¥134 million.

And further, "the government separately paid more than ¥131.76 million to Moritomo Gakuen to help decontaminate the land before it was sold." (link)

So in June 2016, Moritomo was allowed to get ¥956 million land for ¥2.24 million.
>> In other words, they paid $21,840. for land worth US$9,320,840.
The ultranationalists paid less than 1/400th, very far below 1% 

Then Japanese Finance Ministry officials kept the sale details secret (link), and destroyed records.

Japan's Prime Minister Abe & his family were involved.