Monday, February 20, 2017

What's a moldova?

Almost half-million people have watched this 'humor' video about Moldova:

Yes, it is ridiculous.
Yes, it is insulting.

But dozens of other nations have made similar videos, and behind the jokes, it actually teaches a lot about Moldova (facts the typical person wouldn't know, and probably never otherwise hear about).

Hundreds-of-thousands of people spent 4+ minutes watching this presentation. Maybe as a marketing tool, humor & sarcasm are second to none...

I've visited Moldova for business four times, and as a member of the Swedish-Moldovan International Association I must tell you Moldova is Great in many ways. But it's too often unknown & forgotten...

"Don't believe marketing is about what you want to say. Craft something other people – the people you're trying to reach – want to listen to, read, interact with... To be interesting today: Earn people's time.  If you haven’t made that commitment you're just talking to yourself in public... who's going to make time to listen to that?"  (Mark Di Somma)

Dos Equis Beer, "Most Interesting Man" marketing campaign created a fictional celebrity endorser (and fabulously boasting about him). Most ads end with the most interesting man dressed in a tuxedo surrounded by beautiful women, at which point he says, "I don't always drink beer, but when I do I prefer Dos Equis." For a beer spokesman to admit he doesn't always drink beer, does not seem like the smartest marketing campaign decision, but the numbers have proven its worth. People want to be seen as interesting.  (Jaci Russo)

Ads can be funny to better sell the brand -- "designed to create a longing in someone who wants to be as interesting as the ads' leading man and brand spokesperson." Emotional connection: [My Nation & I are nearly as cool as America & Trump]  (Sage Marketing Group)

More nasty videos mocking the America First movement:

Please remember, FIRST to create such a video was the Netherlands:
It's Great. Fantastic.