Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ultra-Nationalist Japan

Some people celebrate when rabid leaders pledge to cleanse their country of foreign scum.

But racism and hate ultimately are costly & hurtful to us all.

Japan has allowed the ultra-right to flourish. In part, Japan's rightists were protected by America during the 1950s and 60s, claiming to be anti-Communist.

Now, organizations such as Nippon Kaigi 日本会議 are vigorous (link), reaching to the pinnacle of the political world. Reportedly 15 of 19 ministers, and 289 of the 480 National Diet members, are Nippon Kaigi as of 10/2014. Maybe forging sweetheart deals with Japan's Ministry of Finance?

Moritomo Gakuen 森友学園 and 瑞穂の國記念小學院 are frightening!

Kids must memorize the prewar Imperial Rescript on Education 「教育勅語」

But the waste & destruction of WWII are easily remembered in Japan, and many (probably most) people are unsupportive of right-wing extremists.

Thankfully, abusiveness is monitored & sometimes reported upon, such as sex scandals:

Dietmember Yoshitaka Shindō 新藤義孝
(English summary here)

After a funeral, lawmaker Yoshitaka Shindō 新藤義孝 reportedly goes whoring