Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Desecrating Graves Insults Hawaiians

US President Obama has family graves in Kenya maintained by Siaya County.  Obama's grandfather & father are buried in a respectful place in Kogelo village. The President's father died in 1982, during his son's senior year at Columbia College, New York City.

People around the world respect the dead. It's truly sad when the sacred is dirtied, deliberately or otherwise. Yet this week Obama played golf on Heleloa Hawaiian Cemetery -- (seized by U.S. Marines, bulldozed & dubbed Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course). Thousands of Hawaiians were honorably buried in this sacred place.

American film star Jennifer Lawrence was recently interviewed (link) laughing about scratching her rump on Hawaiian sacred stones. She then joked of destroying a site she'd been told was culturally sacred. These are atrocities -- NOT FUNNY.

Now I'm looking at Jennifer's grandmama's gravestone photo in Sulphur Cemetery, Henry County, Kentucky, May She Rest in Peace. Fortunately my butt don't itch. Granny probably knew Jen's an ass. I expected better from President Obama, but surely it would not be proper to use his father's grave as a place for sports?  ... or a place to cut & paint my toenails? NO.

Yankee's desecration of Hawai'i, Mokapu & elsewhere, invites spiritual retaliation. Continuing dishonor by U.S. soldiers, visitors & officials is misguided, unsustainable & clearly wrong.

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