Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Absentee Capitalist Crimes

Did 63 million Americans truly vote for Donald Trump? If so, more than 60 million will soon feel betrayed.

President Trump now promises to assist big business. He's likely to help Russia & Israel before he helps us.

Some counsel "wait & see" ... but Trump's long record as a deceptive sack of shit is sure to extend. He's chosen to surround himself with sleazy people. His idea of patriotism is to repatriate wealth to Trump® & his buddies.

He seemed successful reaching out to Joe & Ruby-Sue Dumfux. In the few weeks since Election Day, these people are already left behind, holding promises. We'll all pay for their gullibility.

Joe & Ruby-Sue probably missed today's memo from Japan, which displays the modus operandi of crony capitalism. "Government to help fund Fukushima decontamination, easing Tepco’s burden" explains that the nuclear power operator TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company, a private firm), will not pay the costs for their disastrous Fukushima nuclear plant meltdowns

In essence, crony capitalism fails -- and the public pays for cleanup.