Friday, April 24, 2015

Petraeus Favoritism?

Former CIA Director David Petraeus mishandled highly sensitive information and violated the U.S. Espionage Act, sharing classified national secrets with his lover during an adulterous affair.

He's now a Federal criminal; but his misdemeanor conviction carries no jail time.

The progressive press is outraged:
"he's a bum"
"Slap on the wrist ... reveals double standard" (link)

A further worry: "initially Petraeus lied to investigators" (link)

Many analysts focus on how rank-and-file whistle blowers who expose government misconduct & criminality are threatened & imprisoned for espionage, and wish the same penalties on arch "insider" Petraeus.

Golden-boy Petraeus was previously widely thought to have Presidential ambitions. And David Petraeus was brought down soon after declaring that US interests often conflicted with Israeli operations. Did God punish foul Petraeus for failing to kiss Netanyahu's fat arse? (link) Perhaps Petraeus was considered unmanageable as a politician.

The "old boys network" in the USA that supposedly spared David Petraeus is not strong.

 The key is active leverage.

The eight highly classified notebooks the FBI found in an unlocked drawer at the Petraeus home were perhaps a diversion.

Petraeus was head of the CIA, he could easily have protective information (real dirt) that kept him from jail.

High-placed friends & wealth might also help...

Gawker sordid flowchart (link)