Thursday, April 09, 2015

8 in the Back

A recent police shooting in South Carolina, USA, was recorded by a passerby: Walter L. Scott was killed by North Charleston police officer Michael Slager, who fired eight rounds as Scott tried to run away from a traffic stop.

Can many Americans claim surprise & shock?

The biggest surprise was that the person with the camera continued filming. Being nearby made him a target - maybe lucky the officer's weapon was then empty.

America's police expect obedience. They themselves are scared. If they mistakenly grab you, you still must obey and not resist. Sass 'em -- you may be killed.

You may be brutalized for no reason. Previously, Officer Slager was accused of unprovoked assault, but exonerated by his police department peers. (Justice hinges on what type of American claims damage -- and what proofs are offered -- that ain't changed from ages past).

Americans, taught their rights, are not taught how to survive partial lockdown of their local communities by law enforcement bullies. America needs citizen education courses on being rousted by cops. Anyone suddenly can be drawn into a deadly situation.

Everyday, Americans are trampled by public officials.
Learn to persevere. Obey the Law. Don't complain.
Live -- and protest later.