Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Parking Argument"

After the murder of three students in North Carolina (a young couple & teenage female relative) we're pointedly told it's not a hate crime. Who put this show together? All quite reasonable?

The accused murderer's wife does not claim his innocence; yet the brutal execution-style murder was ...?  The accused's lawyer suggests almost a misdemeanor debate over parking. But someone shot three unarmed young people in the head, killing them in cold blood in their home for no good reason!

See complete video within this page:

Reasonable people would not expend energy & effort denying hate crime without expressing remorse or shame. Without first declaring great sorrow for the tragedy, these people are disgusting. It's as if a skunk were killed. Three promising young people were butchered!

Perhaps "Parking Argument" needs to be added to the list of scandalous euphemisms (link), such as "Didn't Inhale" and "Wide Stance" and "Hiking the Appalachian Trail"...

I'm sorry for the senseless dead and their family & friends.
I'm sorry also for deceived & terrorized America.
Muslim Lives Matter  #MuslimLivesMatter

America the Cruel !