Saturday, January 04, 2014

Save Snowy

We read horrible news, of illegality, blackmail, corruption and espionage that reaches into every home & pocket in America and around the world.

Edward Snowden is now threatened from the dirt he uncovered. The corruption's not his story, the pollution ain't because of him; but the whistleblower is forced to pay.

Don't forget -- Snowden was not a government employee, but most recently worked for Booz Allen Hamilton and then previously for Dell. This highlights a dangerous & corrupt corporate-government alliance. Data collected is insecure: our information can be compromised or sold by business interests and recompiled by foreign agencies, as well as being misused by our own governments.

Snowy's not the problem. Compare his troubles with someone finding a polluted lake, river or seacoast, and telling us...  The sheeple can't handle the truth. Save Snowy!