Monday, January 27, 2014

Media Enslaved

Most media serves the interests of its corporate owners or our political masters.

There was no independent media in Nazi Germany or Fascist Japan. What existed was systematically crushed. Dissent was punished.

Today there are fewer concentration camps and summary executions.

We've more opportunities for independent media to operate. Sure, we've far too many secret police, with the inherent corruption of the corporate state. Not enough people recognize the domination and tyranny of big corporate media.

Look at news reports of Edward Snowden. Yesterday, Snowy was interviewed on German ARD TV; his comments were noted around the world.

Hundreds of international news reports described U.S. industrial espionage & NSA focused spying on individuals (such as tapping allied German leader Angela Merkel's phone).

But many U.S. media outlets avoided controversy & reported nothing. The Google news consolidator ("U.S. edition") failed to list the story, and search revealed another disturbing slant.

American media focused on Snowden's claims to be under personal threat. The private drama was the lead & headline for a large percentage of American news reports -- not state-sponsored espionage, blackmail, corruption, fundamentally-compromised data, and the tremendous waste of tax monies.

Wake up dum fux.