Saturday, July 27, 2013

We Kill Egypt

Democracy was overthrown in Egypt's recent military coup.

The military has begun to massacre the non-obedient.

Pres. Morsi's life is surely in danger.

As with Chile under Pinochet, to slow repression & killing puts the killers at risk. Only their paymasters can intervene - But will we?

Egypt's supreme military leader, General Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi, is a "good friend" of the USA & UK. In other words, a colonial stooge.

But al-Sisi is not without his own opinions. He gained infamy for supporting Egyptian "virginity tests" in 2011 after the toppling of US-backed dictator Mubarak.

General Sisi is former head of Egyptian military intelligence. He completed a Basic Infantry Course in the USA (link) sometime in the early 1980s, trained at the UK Joint Services Command and Staff College in Oxfordshire (1992), and in 2006 finished a Masters Degree at the US Army War College in Pennsylvania.

According to Al Jazeera, General Sisi is "known for his close relationship with US military." -- Beirut's Daily Star (12 Sept 2012) reports Sisi "promised to raise the salary of all middle-ranking officers by $50 a month (while) 40 percent of the population live on less than $2 a day." Such pay raise wouldn't be from Sisi's personal funds, but from American foreign-aid grants to Egypt...

Why should American taxpayers pay for busting heads abroad?

We've police violence at home in Detroit, in Wisconsin, in New York's Zuccotti Park, & elsewhere across impoverished America... We pay for repression & torture elsewhere, and pay at home for our own jailers. The police are goons of our rulers, paid to protect upper class tranquility. We get gruffly ordered about, and clubbed when disobedient. Too many cops, too little justice.